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Prayer ideas

I don’t know how disciplined you are when it comes to prayer, reading the Word and just spending quiet time listening to God. I am not good at all and if it wasn’t for my wife promoting my guilt feelings … Continue reading

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The best laid plans of . . . . . .

  Ask any Scotsman who said “The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry” and he will, hopefully correct you – if he is a true Scot. What Robbie Burns actually said was:- The best laid schemes … Continue reading

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Extreme forgiveness or obedience?

I find myself bemused at the extent of Jesus’ calling to us. His expectations regarding love and forgiveness and patience and self-control and faithfulness. Sometimes those expectations seem so far away from me and then on top of that I … Continue reading

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Christian Intolerance

I must concede a certain delight in the statement by the Chief Justice along the lines of our laws need a little more religion. I am not going to debate the issue. Far too dangerous. I am also advised never … Continue reading

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